Our annual Pyramid Lake fishout is scheduled for next Sunday (October 16th).  It is running a little late this year due to an event (Iron Fly) that happened opening weekend.  Fly fisherman from all over the country attended and, apparently, it was a huge success.  Largest fish caught was a 17-pounder landed by a young lady on a 4-weight rod.  Anyway, in the original notice I had Tom Smith send out, it stated that the lunch would be around $12.  Tom reminded me at last night’s BOD meeting that this was our family day get-together and the club pays for the meal, which will be tri-tip with all the fixins.  We also have many raffle prizes, many courtesy of Dave Stanley.  The lunch will be served at 1 pm at Crosby’s.  Doug O. informed me that there are fish scattered everywhere from the north to the south. He has been using a popcorn beetle in front of a Clouser minnow.


A few things to think about.  These are all anecdotal stories:


(1).  I heard of a fisherman that got a ticket for having a barb on his hook after he had pinched it down.  It seems the warden ran a nylon stocking over the hook and, if it snagged, he gave the angler a ticket.  Our own Curt Kamada uses a Dremel Tool to remove the barbs.  Just be careful not to take too much off.


(2).  Another story is about an angler that got a ticket for not coming to a stop when he entered the paved road from a dirt road coming up from the nets.  The Indian warden said that you were required to stop when entering a paved road, even though there was no stop sign.


(3). The third story concerns urinating on the beach, where I hear several people have been cited for indecent exposure (which is a sex crime).


(4). The last story involves the 100 foot distance you must park from the water. Apparently you can unload your gear at the water’s edge, but must then park 100 feet away.  The story has an Indian warden with a stick and 100-foot line measuring the distance to the vehicles.


So have fun, catch fish and be safe.  See you on the 16th – Mark (VP-TRF)


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Richard helping a fly tyer at the Reno VA Hospital, Project Healing Waters

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October 16 - Pyramid Lake Picnic, Crosby's Lodge 1:00

November 3 - Board Meeting

November 16 - General Meeting, Mike Sevon - Little Know Water in Nevada

December 1 - Board Meeting


Truckee River Flyfishers gang before the massive KTMB Truckee River Cleanup: We picked up 21 bags of trash between Center street and Wells Avenue. The total cleanup results should be on the evening news. Thanks to KTMB for another great cleanup.