April 30th Reno/Tahoe Project Healing Waters Verdi Crystal Peak Ponds

50 Veterans have signed up for our fishing event.
LICENSING: I need three more licensees to step forward with their license number and name as it appears on their fishing license.  Group fishing is one licensed fisherperson and 15 group members.  My license would only be good for 15 vets fishing.
Equipment:  We have only 12 fly rods.  7 nets.  We have potentially 50 fishering veterans. HELP IS NEEDED HERE.
Traffic Control:  We need to post 1-2 guys at entrance of the parking lot to direct people in.

All TRF members are asked to wear their name badges so that the veteran will feel at ease not having to remember your name. 

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Richard helping a fly tyer at the Reno VA Hospital, Project Healing Waters

Upcoming Events

May 13-Flytier's Roundtable May 13, Wed 6:30pm @ NDOW

May 17-Lake Davis fishout, 8am Camp 5

May 27-General Meeting, 6:30 NDOW  Brian LaRue


On April 30th nineteen members of the Truckee River Flyfishers came together to help 25 Reno disabled veterans fish for a day at the Crystal Peak Park Verdi Ponds.  
The third year must be a charm as three years ago this event was rained out, and last year the ponds' was so hot that they could not be planted.  This time, thanks to Mark Warren, NDOW planted the ponds on Monday, and our Thursday was sunny, if not a bit windy, with veteran "Fred" taking the honors for the most fish by catching 5.
Bob Sappenfield of Cabela's furnished rods, equipment, time and dedication to the event as well as brought along Ken from the store to help out with the fishing.
Joanne Farris, Supervisor, VA Recreational Therapy, has been a "can do" and "let's do it" supporter of this fishing day from the very beginning. She assembled the buses, staff, meeting spot, special lunches, shelters and chairs.  She and Matt have been a delight to work with and no one does a better job of "bringing a little sun" into our veteran's lives.
We should not forget to mention Jerri Jackson, who developed our flier, came to fish as a veteran and who volunteers as editor of the Reno VA Veteran's In-Touch Magazine. So much of how our program has grown is due to her publishing stories and pictures for us in this widely distributed local veteran news magazine.
Special thanks to all of our participating TRF members Bruce Parks, Mike O'Brien, Joe Cendagorta, Jim Kwasny, Ron Bennett, Jerry Harding, Terrell Ogborn, Carson Adams, Wes Ong, Doug Ouellette, Bob Sappenfield, Mike Sevon, Keith Baker, Hank Evans, James Wallace, Press Clewe, Chuck Sena. Curt Kamada for dropping by with his lovely wife JoAnn for the club's website. 
Everyone pitched in, did what was needed to be done, found a vet to fish with and there were so many special moments and vignettes of teaching, fishing, laughing, talking throughout the day. It was a proud day for our club, for our community, and for the Reno/Tahoe Project Healing Waters.
Thank you so very much.
John Imsdahl, Program Lead
Reno/Tahoe Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing