Mission Statement

We are dedicated to improving and promoting the sport of fly fishing in the state of Nevada.  We promote and encourage the conservation of game fish, especially wild trout through the betterment of streams, lakes and rivers everywhere.  We encourage and assist our youth to become fly fishers and true sportspersons.

Our 2018 Officers


Stu Chandler


Vice President
Mark Warren



Tom Smith
(775) 741-8825




Fly Tying Roundtable
Mike O'Brien
 Conservation Chair
Ron Bennett

Our 2018 Directors

Curt Kamada

Deb Robinson
 Doug Ouellette
 Betsy Clark
 Laura Murph


Trout in the Classroom

The club remains active in supporting Trout in the Classroom.  Ron and Ann Privrasky were instrumental in bringing this program to the schools of Western Nevada.  The Nevada Department of Wildlife continues to keep this program active in fourth and fifth grade classes all over Nevada.  This year the club donated funds to bring in a new classroom to Washoe County.  At present there are a total of 200 Trout in the Classroom units in Nevada.  This year the club donated funds to bring in a new classroom to the Double Diamond Elementary School in Washoe County. At present there are a total of 250 Trout in the Classroom units in Nevada. Of these 90 units are located in western Nevada, In southern Nevada, there are 115 units in service. I n Eastern Nevada, there are a total of 45 units.

Trout eggs are provided to the schools from the Gallagher Hatchery in Ruby Valley.  These eggs are available in late January and early February.  The eggs are distributed to the classrooms after NDOW conducts training for the teachers in the proper culture of trout eggs. In this amazing hands on experiment, grade school children get to see the miracle of egg development in their classrooms, learn about trout conservation and participate in the release of live fish to the wilds of Nevada.


Mike Sevon from the Board of Directors will be informing club members in the latest Conservation concerns of the club through the newsletter.  Check out the newsletters for the latest from Joe. Also, check out these sites...

The Truckee River Flyfishers are sponsers for the Fly Fishing Federation. 
For updates on whats happening to with the FFF check out: http://www.fedflyfishers.org/


The Board of Directors meet monthly on the first Thursday of each month (see Events Calendar for location). Our meetings begin at 6:00 PM and run until approximately 8:00 PM.


General Meetings, normally held on the third Thursday of the month, will be announced on our home page, meeting at the NDOW Conference Room at 6:30p, 1100 Valley Road, Reno.  During the months of June, July and August, monthly meetings will be held at various locations outside in the Reno area.

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Mailing Address

Truckee River Flyfishers
P.O.Box 7231
Reno, NV 89510-7231

Club Contact:

Curt Kamada

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