Project Healing Waters will have a fly tying classroom in the CLC room at the Reno VA hospital on April 17th from 10 AM to 11:30 AM.  All members and veterans are encouraged to attend.

-No General Meeting nor Fishout

April 17-Project Healing Waters

April 19-Pyramid Fishout

April-No General Meeting

May 18-Frenchman Fishout

May 28-General Meeting-NDOW


Welcome to our website, send me your pictures for our home page, I plan to keep a few going in the rotation.


We had our first "program recovery" fly tying session today, March 20th.  While the volunteers out numbered the veterans, Project Healing Waters, Reno, is making a comeback and we are assured there will be an even larger number of veterans at our April 17th session.
A special THANK YOU must be given to all of our TRFF volunteers:  Mike Hoffman, Ron Reitz, Jim Kwasny, Harry Prall and Joe Cendagorta for their contributions and participation.  These men are the very best that this program and the VA could hope for as they are thoughtful, skilled and compassionate instructors. Finally, additional appreciation must be given to Michael Hoffman for all of his dedicated time on the phone, and in person, giving guidance and insight.
Thank you so much Mike Hoffman, Ron Reitz, Jim Kwasny, Harry Prall and Joe Cendagorta.  You are true heroes in my book.

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Richard helping a fly tyer at the Reno VA Hospital, Project Healing Waters

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