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May 18-Frenchman Fishout

May 28-General Meeting-NDOW

June 1-Lake Davis fishout

June 5-BoD Meeting

June 21-General Meeting on the River with Doug O.


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April 17th, Project Healing Waters: 

Again the Truckee River Fly Fishers is extremely grateful to all of our April 17th club member volunteers:  Joe Cendagorta, Jim Kwasny, Mike Hoffman, Harry Prall and Press Clewe for sharing their time and knowledge with the disabled veterans of our community. 

As a demonstration that our program continues to grow, we had three times the veterans attend our April 17th Reno VA hospital fly tying classroom over the March class attendance. Furthermore, the VA promises us an even larger veteran attendance at our next fly tying classroom on May 15th as the word gets out about this monthly class.  "Giving back" is an extremely rewarding activity for both our participating club member as well as for the disabled veterans who attend our program.  

In addition to the next fly tying classroom on May 15th, from 10 AM until 11:30 AM, we hope to have a fly fishing outing at a nearby pond in early to mid June.  We are currently gathering equipment, requesting of NDOW to stock the pond in advance of the event, as well as gathering club member volunteers for a casting and fishing one-on-one with a veteran.  Any member of the Truckee River Fly Fishers who wishes to attend either the fly tying classroom or the upcoming fly fishing veteran event, please contact me by email. 

John Imsdahl, Program Lead

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Richard helping a fly tyer at the Reno VA Hospital, Project Healing Waters

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